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December 2016 and January 2017

Recent Discussions in the Community of Practice

Security Cameras & Surveillance Video

Sue Graves of Oregon's Lincoln County School District (LCSD) posted the following question: "I am working to develop a comprehensive policy and procedure manual for the use of video cameras in K-12 schools on school buses. If you are willing to share your policies or procedures, I would be grateful. Thank you smile Sue.” REMS TA Center staff provided sample school surveillance camera policies and procedures as well as related Federal guidance on surveillance camera policy. Access details here: http://rems.ed.gov/COP/REMSCOPforum/messages.aspx?TopicID=268&lastpage=1#post602

Food Vendor Security Assessment

Donny Emerick of The Guidance Charter School in Palmdale, California posted the following question: “I am looking at conducting safety assessments of our food vendors to mitigate risks. Has anyone conducted an assessment of contracted food vendors for their campuses? Besides the typical handling process, I am interested in any security/safety concerns that could arise using a vendor service." REMS TA Center staff responded by sharing several resources from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration and from us that focus on food safety and defense. Access details and share your response here: http://rems.ed.gov/COP/REMSCOPforum/messages.aspx?TopicID=267&lastpage=1#post600

What’s Your #MyPreparednessPromise

The REMS TA Center posted details about the #MyPreparednessPromise campaign that we kicked off this year. No matter what your agency plans to do this year to help prepare for threats and hazards that may impact your whole school community, share it with us and the field via this forum today! Start sharing here: http://rems.ed.gov/COP/REMSCOPforum/messages.aspx?TopicID=266&lastpage=1#post598

Long-Term Recovery

The REMS TA Center started a conversation about the long-term effects emergencies may have on school and higher ed communities. We want to learn more about strategies education agencies use to manage recovery post-emergency. Share your education agency's approaches. What were some effective strategies your district employed to support long-term recovery after an emergency? Which partner agencies provided critical supports to your school following an emergency? Start sharing here: http://rems.ed.gov/COP/REMSCOPforum/messages.aspx?TopicID=264&lastpage=1#post596

Supporting Continuity of Learning | School Closure

The REMS TA Center's Social Media and Research teams have been observing the ways schools and school districts across the country are handling school closures, as well as how they have approached continuity of operations and learning. In this post, we share our observations from schools in Georgia and Pennsylvania and request your approaches to supporting continuity of operations and learning. Does your school or school district have a Continuity of Operations Annex within your emergency operations plan? Share details here: http://rems.ed.gov/COP/REMSCOPforum/messages.aspx?TopicID=263&lastpage=1#post594

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When creating a plan to prevent/manage #bullying at your #school, consider all settings & times incidents may occur. rems.ed.gov/Bullying2016Webinar.aspx pic.twitter.com/JZSeQ5BRVp

#School Leaders: Create a healthy school climate that is safe and supportive to prevent bullying. @StopBullyingGov stopbullying.gov/blog/2016/11/29

Great tip! #Teachers: Use storytelling as 1 tool to teach #empathy when implementing school #bullyingprevention programs. #stopbullying365

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A9: #Teachers: It only takes 1 of many #CaringAdults to help students feel safe at school + positively impact #schoolclimate. #PromiseChat

Check out this awareness-focused remake of holiday classic #babyitscoldoutside + learn about @ItsOnUs campaign here. whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/09/19/ https://t.co/PSt08xQYeE

@OHEducation @CyberPatriot @AirForceAssoc TY for sharing! Great to see schools emphasizing #cyber awareness & #digital citizenship. #civics

And, just like with students, family connections can build from a relationship with one trusted adult at the school. #WholeSchoolCommunity twitter.com/OfficeofEdTech…

#Bullying is cited as #2 concern for Latino parents. Take steps to integrate prevention/awareness into #Safety/#climate programs. #SaludTues https://twitter.com/SaludToday/status/811272427892277248 …

Encourage education agencies & #schoolsafety community partners + those who create #safeplaces to follow us! Services are FREE! #PromiseChat pic.twitter.com/E6t8YdZtj4

Use @MissingKids National Emergency Child Locator Center + Unaccompanied Minor Registry to support #Reunification. missingkids.com/DisasterRespon…

A9: Schools can consider incorporating #stalking into other prevention efforts like #bullying programs. @StopBullyingGov #NSAM2017 @SRC_NCVC

#Students: "When you are struggling and thinking about giving up, remember...power of #hope..." @FLOTUS #BetterMakeRoom #ReachHigher #SCOY17

#edleadership: Access resources to support #NoNameCallingWeek here: glsen.org/blog/research-… #StopBullying365 @StopBullyingGov @GLSEN twitter.com/GLSEN/status/8…

Check out this @StopBullyingGov blog post on Building Supportive & Inclusive Programming for American Muslim Youth. stopbullying.gov/blog/2017/01/1…

Learn role pediatricians can play in #bullying prevention. @npdcoalition @StopBullyingGov @HRSAgov stopbullying.gov/blog/2017/01/1…

Thanks for sharing @MissingKids! #Schools, you can play a part too by reporting. #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth

We're excited to participate in #nationalmentoringmonth chat. #Mentors helps support positive #schoolclimate, which supports #schoolsafety.

#Edleadership: Get tips for handling sexting & #sextortioninschools via our Webinar w/ @MissingKids @FBI @OJPOJJDP rems.ed.gov/Sextortion2016… twitter.com/NetSmartz/stat…

A7. Most important thing everyone should know about #childtrafficking is that YOU can help prevent it by recognizing signs! #EveryChildFree

There are different forms of #HumanTrafficking. Find out what they are: goo.gl/JEsvXC. #EndTrafficking #ActAgainstTrafficking pic.twitter.com/jlqJUUP71B

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