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Study Abroad Emergencies Web Chat
On October 20, REMS TA Center staff added a new forum to host a Web chat that we conducted to supplement our Preparing for Study Abroad Emergencies for Higher ed and K-12 Populations Webinar. During the Web chat, Webinar presenters answered follow-up questions from participants on topics including supporting study abroad students with mental health resources and how to evaluate the safety of potential travel sites. Access details here:

EOP ASSIST—Feedback, Ideas, & Questions
On October 3, a community member posted a question to this forum, which was created for EOP ASSIST users to share feedback, exchange ideas, and pose questions, about hosting. Specifically, he asked whether there are any schools using EOP ASSIST who are hosting the tool on PHP, Apache Web Server, and MySQL on Amazon s3 Web services. Is your school hosting EOP ASSIST and using any of these Web services? Please take time to log on to the CoP to share insight today! Access details here:

#REMSonTheRoad Trainings by Request
Have you attended a recent training hosted by the REMS TA Center? Log on to the CoP today and add a post to the general #REMSonTheRoad | Share Your Experiences Forum and/or to any of the individual forums we’ve created for your specific training. To find your training, log on to the CoP, click K-12 Public Forums or IHE Public Forums, select the appropriate #REMSonTheRoad training type (K-12 101, Threat Assessments, Resilience Strategies and Earthquake Preparedness), and then search for your related training date and location. Once you’ve located the proper forum, click Add Reply to start sharing! We use your feedback and insight to ensure that our trainings meet your state and local needs. Share feedback, post state-based resources, and ask preliminary and/or follow-up questions about your training there!

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  • No matter how small or large the incident, a response can be faster and more effective through pre-planning. Find out how to pre-plan for threats and hazards from our Response for #Schools and School Districts Fact Sheet.
  • Sign-up for @StopBullyingGov listserv to learn of new resources to help w/ bullying prevention efforts. #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth
  • If your #school or #IHE has students studying abroad, it is crucial that you plan for emergencies. Visit: #IEW2017
  • Today @FEMA will be hosting a Webinar on the recently refreshed NIMS guidance. Register here: Webinars run to Dec 6
  • We offer a variety of helpful publications in collaboration with practitioners in the fields of school and higher ed emergency management. Check them out here: #FlashbackFriday
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  • Check out @StopBullyingGov's “Assessing Prevention Capacity and Implementing Change”
  • Don't forget to end your week with a #SchoolSafetySelfie & be sure to share your #preparedness activities via our CoP.
  • #Schools, let's help make the world a kinder place with @sesamestreet! Encourage students to be kind throughout your school/campus & incorporate #bullying prevention efforts in your EOP. See more here:… #WorldKindnessDay
  • Thank you @StaySafeOnline! This is important for #schools and IHEs. They both have a lot of critical #infrastructure to protect. #ChatSTC
  • Join @StopBullyingGov from 2-3 PM ET today for a Twitter chat on cyberbullying. Use #StopCyberbullying to participate!
  • Schools can use their EOPs to support bullying prevention efforts #StopCyberbullying
  • The Great #ShakeOut is TODAY! Are those on the West Coast ready for the drill? @ShakeOut
  • DYK that @StopBullyingGov offers training on bullying prevention? Find out more info here: #BullyingPreventionMonth
  • Bullying is an important topic to cover in your #school EOP. Find resources here: #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth

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