NEW Online Course: Preparing to Reunify Students With Families and Guardians Before, During, and After a School Emergency

Is your school or school district looking to create or improve the family reunification process in the event of an emergency? Does your school emergency operations plan (EOP) contain a Family Reunification Annex? To support K-12 school safety teams in preparing for family reunification, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Supportive Schools and its REMS TA Center are pleased to provide a NEW online course, entitled Preparing to Reunify Students With Families and Guardians Before, During, and After a School Emergency.

Course Objectives

This 30- to 45-minute free online course aims to help school administrators, security officers, emergency management and response personnel, and school or school district personnel responsible for supporting the family reunification process develop a greater understanding of family reunification to enhance preparedness related to this emergency management function. This online course will help you learn how to

  • Develop, train, and mobilize reunification teams.
  • Implement tangible on-site and off-site reunification plans.
  • Address important considerations in the Family Reunification Annex.

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Planning Basics and Principles

Emergency Management Functions

Hazards and Threats

Find More Family Reunification Resources

The REMS TA Center provides additional resources on this critical topic, which can be found on the topic-specific Web page. These resources include fact sheets specific to developing a Family Reunification Annex and more broadly exploring the role of families in emergency management planning, a podcast series on planning for family reunification in the event of an emergency, and a sample Family Reunification Annex. Additionally, the REMS TA Center offers a Virtual Training by Request on planning for family reunification as a synchronous learning opportunity. There are also several archived Webinars available to watch, with topics ranging from conducting the family reunification process to the role of families and the role of information technology specialists in emergency management planning.

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