NIH - Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Structural Racism’ Virtual Meeting


Welcome to the ‘Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Structural Racism’ Virtual Meeting, sponsored by the Racial Equity Initiative at the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

The ‘Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Structural Racism’ meeting will bring together a group of interdisciplinary researchers to unpack the effects of structural racism on neurocognition, as it relates to substance use and mental health, and to discuss how to consider and contextualize structural racism in developing research studies.

This three-day meeting will include in-depth discussions about the roots of structural racism and its impacts on neuroscience and psychiatry and will provide researchers avenues and tools to address systemic and structural oppression within their own research environments and portfolios.

The objective of this meeting is to provide cognitive neuroscience researchers with knowledge and awareness about the impacts of structural racism on the study of the human brain, and how to be anti-racist as a neuroscientist. The meeting will provide researchers with tools to contextualize study design and statistical analyses with respect to social determinants of health. In addition, participants will discuss the need to incorporate perspectives from community stakeholders, epidemiology, intervention science, sociology, and bioethics into cognitive neuroscience.


Below are the Meeting recordings.