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Introduce Yourself to the Community

Are you a new member of the CoP? Take a moment this month to share details about your role and experience in the field via this forum. You can also get to know other community members by reading descriptions of others who have joined. Access details here:

Do you know a colleague who may benefit from joining the CoP? Forward a copy of this digest and encourage them to join the CoP here:

School and Campus Safety Questions of the Month

In January, the REMS TA Center launched a new monthly campaign via the CoP in an effort to glean information from the field about key topics in school and higher ed safety and emergency preparedness. Each month, we post a new question for our CoP members representing both K-12 and higher ed audiences. Find a list of the questions posted thus far below:

  • January: What community partners would you turn to if you needed volunteers to support your school or campus during or after an emergency?
  • February: What training do you provide to school bus drivers or campus shuttle bus drivers on responding to emergencies? Do you provide ongoing professional development opportunities for them to learn more about emerging safety, security, and emergency management issues?
  • March: Does your school, school district, or campus receive funding from nongovernmental sources such as philanthropy, foundations, NGOs, and fundraising programs, to support safety and emergency management? What are your other sources of funding support for preparedness (e.g., training and exercises hosted by community partners)?

Answer the school safety questions here:

Answer the campus safety questions here:

Managing Donations and Volunteers

On January 19, REMS TA Center staff added a new forum to host a Web chat that we conducted to supplement our Managing Donations and Volunteers Before, During, and After School and Campus Emergencies Webinar. During the Web chat, Webinar presenters answered follow-up questions from participants on topics including preparing Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement in advance, who to contact on the Federal level for support, and additional resources. Access details here:

Hurricane Harvey Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Group

In February, the REMS TA Center created a new Community Huddle to support collaboration amongst administrators throughout Texas who are dealing with recovery following last year’s hurricanes. Are you an administrator from the state of Texas? Are you interested in joining this group? Contact us at so that we can put you in touch with the group moderator. Interested in starting your own Community Huddle? Send us an email under the Subject line “New Community Huddle” and we’ll help get you started!

School Preparedness Leadership Group

REMS TA Center staff created this forum in January to supplement monthly virtual meetings that we host with Federal, state, territorial, and local leaders in school safety and emergency preparedness. Are you a member of the School Preparedness Leadership Group? Share resources that local education agencies can access on key topics. Do you represent a local education agency? Check this forum regularly to access key resources and information from the REMS TA Center and Federal, state, territorial, local leaders, and experts on key school safety and emergency preparedness topics. Access details here:

Responding to Student Demonstrations and Protests

Recent local and national events have prompted schools to examine how they can prepare for, respond to and recover from student demonstrations and protests, including student walkouts planned for March 14 and other dates this spring. REMS TA Center staff created this forum to share resources, lessons learned, and smart practices about student demonstrations and protests. Access details here:

Cyber Security and Protecting Students and Staff

On March 28, a CoP member posted a question to this new forum focused on cybersecurity and how to protect students and staff from cyber threats. Specifically, he asked if anyone from the field has any “good ideas or experiences to share on how to protect student and staff data.” Take time to log on to the CoP to share insight today and to read our response! Access details here:

#REMSonTheRoad Trainings by Request

Have you attended a recent training hosted by the REMS TA Center? Log on to the CoP today and add a post to the general #REMSonTheRoad | Share Your Experiences Forum and/or to any of the individual forums we’ve created for your specific training. To find your training, log on to the CoP, click K-12 Public Forums or IHE Public Forums, select the appropriate #REMSonTheRoad training type (K-12 101, Threat Assessments, Resilience Strategies and Earthquake Preparedness), and then search for your related training date and location. Once you’ve located the proper forum, click Add Reply to start sharing! We use your feedback and insight to ensure that our trainings meet your state and local needs. Share feedback, post state-based resources, and ask preliminary and/or follow-up questions about your training there!

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