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New Train-the-Educator Training
on Addressing and Preventing Adult Sexual Misconduct

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Supportive Schools and its REMS TA Center are pleased to offer a NEW train-the-educator Training by Request (TBR) to support school administrators, staff members, and planning teams at schools and school districts in preventing and addressing adult sexual misconduct (ASM) as a part of their school emergency management activities. Schools and school districts can use this training to inform their school safety and emergency operations plans (EOPs) and/or related ASM policies and procedures to align with national and state recommendations.

This day-long training, titled Addressing and Preventing Adult Sexual Misconduct, was developed for live delivery at schools and school districts, and serves as a new version of a previously offered training by the REMS TA Center on the topic of preventing and addressing ASM in schools. In this new training, participants will learn to:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of ASM in schools and its many complexities;
  • Identify possible signs and symptoms of victimization and to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors of adults in the school setting;
  • Develop policies and procedures for preventing and addressing ASM in schools;
  • Understand the potential risks and liabilities of social media and technology use in schools as they pertain to ASM; and
  • Obtain tools and resources to develop ASM policies and procedures within EOP and training development.

The ASM TBR is designed for teams of three to five people from participating schools and school districts, charter schools, and private schools. Suggested participants include human resources directors, school administrators, executive managers, school board members, and educators.

In order to receive a training at your facility, you must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be a public or nonpublic K-12 school, school district, institution of higher education, local education agency, regional education agency, or state education agency.
  • Designate an on-site and local point of contact who will coordinate with REMS TA Center staff members and trainers regarding the logistics of the event.
  • Market the training to the appropriate audience(s) to ensure the minimum required number of attendees as well as appropriate set of participants. Please review the number of participants in the REMS TA Center Trainings by Request: At a Glance.
  • Provide a comfortable training site with seating arrangements conducive to small group activities, which are a part of the trainings. Moveable tables and chairs are recommended.
  • Offer required audiovisual equipment, which includes a laptop with PowerPoint installed and Internet and video capabilities, a projector, a screen, and a white board or an easel with chart paper.
  • Provide a lapel and/or hand-held microphones, which may be required (depending on the room size).
  • Provide three tables: one for the laptop in the front of the room, one for the trainers in the front or the side of the room, and one for on-site registration in the back of the room or outside of the room.

To request this training, or any of our other live TBRs, please visit our Trainings By Request page on our Website.

Looking for more resources on ASM and other child abuse–related topics?

The REMS TA Center has several other resources on ASM, human trafficking, and sextortion that are available at our Website: We encourage you to download, post to your agency Websites, and to share with colleagues. Are there additional topics you would like to see covered? Send a note to

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